Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Columbus Zoo had military days through July 4th. That meant that we all got in for free! Hurray! I love the zoo! Here is Josh with the flamingos.

Emily is on an African Safari...Doesn't she look like she knows what she is doing?

I can remember as as child thinking it was so funny to put bunny ears on someone in a picture.
Now Emily thinks it is terribly funny. I don't get it anymore.
I guess I have lost a piece of childhood!

The kids all agree that their favorite part of the zoo was the playground (go figure).
Since we didn't pay to get in, we let them have a ball in the bug themed climbing area.
I watched the older kids while Dave kept an eye on Abby...

Well, not a very attentive eye! I heard some moms laughing at some dad that was sound asleep. Wouldn't you know it was the father of MY children! He and Abby got some good rest in the play area!
Thanks to the Columbus Zoo for a great day!

The kids finished 2 weeks of swim lessons last week. They all had a great time.
This was Joshua's first real lesson, and after he figured out that no one in his class knew how to swim, he did fine. His little voice could be heard across the whole pool, telling his teacher very firmly that he could NOT float on his back because he didn't know how to swim. Later as the class kicked across the pool with kick boards, Josh was tagging along at the end of the group, he called out..."Guys! A little help back here!" And one of his patient teachers came to give him a little push along. At the end of the session he asked when he could come back, so I guess he enjoyed it!

Friday was cow appreciation day at Chick Fil-A. Here is my little herd. We all got a free meal for dressing up like cows! It was a great time!

Of course, I got in on the action, as well! Hey, it is a free meal! At Chick-Fil-A! Love that place!

We spent Saturday at the Boonshoft museum. It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday afternoon, and we all had a good time. Emily is doing a science experiment in the "Do Lab."

Ben has been growing his hair since school let out. He wants to have a more "floppy" look. (His words, not mine.) This is how he went to church today. He got lots of comments on his hair, as you can imagine. It is different from his usual short crop. I can't say much because I let Josh grow his hair out pretty long. Besides, I kind of like Ben with longer hair. I am going to take him in to a salon to have it shaped up a little, though. This is a little crazy!