Sunday, June 09, 2013

Here are some updates at the end of the school year. It has been a great year for the kids. They all loved their teachers and learned a lot.

Ben had Mr. Krummes this year.

They had a really fun year. All of the kids did country reports, then had a big international feast. There was so much delicious food! The kids did a great job!

 I was able to teach art classes to Ben's class. Here are a couple of the projects we did.
Picasso faces:

Word canvases

 Cooper does a promotion ceremony for the 6th graders. It was a really fun day for Ben.

 Here is Emily with Mrs. Schultz. I couldn't think of a better possible teacher for Emily.

Josh had Ms. Edwards for both kindergarten and 1st grade. She is an excellent teacher. We will miss her next year!

Just before the end of the year, we had a surprise visit from Aunt Kathryn, Joey, Rue, and James. Abby and Joey became best buddies. Here they are making lemonade.
Joey and Abby

 The cousins at Muir Woods.
 Muir Woods was beautiful but crowded.
 The Hoopes family in a big tree.
 Vacaville's annual Memorial Day Parade. We left after an hour and a half. Some people sitting next to us said it was about half over at that point! :)

 Abby's silly face for the camera.
 Joshua's silly face.
 The boys both tested and passed their next belt levels. We ordered sparring gear for them to take their next step in their training.

So now you have it... our lives are very busy, but not particularly exciting. I kind of like it that way! :)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Second Annual Trip to Lassen Peak

Lassen peak trail is only open 4 weekends a year while they restore the trail. Labor Day weekend is one of those times. We decided to make it an annual event. Isn't the peak spectacular? There are views like this all over the park!

Here we are at the base of the trail.

Abby walked about 25% of the trail. David carried her the rest of the way. I am pretty impressed with both of them! 

The saddle with Mt Shasta in the background.

Love this shot!

The final ascent up the summit block. Josh practiced a "summit dance" to do at the top, but there really wasn't enough room. Only about 2 at a time on the actual rock that sticks up the highest. We took turns climbing up.

Saturday we hiked out to an area with geothermic activity. The kids did not like the smell, but it was very interesting.

Dave's "Best Day Ever!"

We went white water rafting on the American River last Saturday. 
David later described it as one of his best days ever. We both felt that way actually. It is on par with the day we left Abby with a babysitter and the rest of us went skiing together. It is a great feeling to have your whole family together enjoying an activity! This one was perfect for our family. Everyone loved it. I guess it was a little glimpse into what families are SUPPOSED to be like! (As opposed to the usual complaining and bickering that we usually have!)
 David and Abby steer the boat from the back.

We took this trip with our good friends, the Christensen's. Ben and his friend Matthew managed their own craft. They did a beautiful job. Here they are navigating one of the easy rapids. Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph the good stuff because Dave was afraid the camera would fall into the river.

The Christensen's on their raft.

Emily and Josh getting ready to jump in. It was hot outside, but the water cooled you off pretty sharpish. It was freezing cold!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Woo hoo! The kids are going back to school! Although I am actually sad to see them go, there are some good things about it as well! We celebrated the event with a special dinner. Here is the banner (I really like making these paper banners lately!)

I found this table setting idea on pinterest. It was so fun to make!

 Cheering for the first day of school!
The kids loved having their menus. I served the dinner in courses. They couldn't have the next one until they had finished the first. This was actually a good way to get the kids to finish their vegetables! I served them their own Cornish Game Hens. They were delighted with them. Ben especially thought they were amazing.

 Abby's first day of preschool! She loved her first week and can't wait to go again!
Emily's first day of 4th grade! I do have pictures of the boys, but my camera ran out of batteries after Emily, so I had to borrow Dave's phone and I don't know how to get them off. I'll add them when he shows me how!

Finally, this is an art project that I did with the kids during the last weeks of summer vacation. Kind of a goodbye to the summer (although it is still 100 degrees outside!) The kids loved making them. Here are mine, Emily's, and Joshua's. Ben's is on the other side of the window waiting for David and Abby to finish theirs. Hopefully soon!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Joshua's Birthday

 Joshua's birthday started with a funny face pancake (as requested) 

Then a scavenger hunt to find his presents. Josh wanted his presents first thing in the morning. No waiting around for him!

He had to read the clues and figure out where they all were. Between Josh and Emily they figured them out pretty quickly. The only one they didn't get was the piano. I fooled them with the word "keys." They both headed to the garage.

 Build a Bear gift card from Grandma and Grandpa
 Kirby game from Mom and Dad
 Scooted from Mormor and Morfar

And then, off to the mall to make the Build a Bears.

Josh wanted a movie birthday party. These are the cupcakes I found on pinterest. Aren't they the cutest?
We took 6 boys (plus Ben, Emily, Abby, and Ben's friend Tyler) to McDonald's and then to see the new Ice Age movie. After the movie we came back to the house for cake and presents. Josh loved it!
 Gift boxes for the guests
 We had a cake as well as cupcakes. Amazingly they were both gone by the end of the party.

Here is Josh with all of his wild and crazy friends. There is something about a 7 year old boy eating a lot of chocolate cake...

We love you Josh! Hope you had a great birthday!