Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dave's "Best Day Ever!"

We went white water rafting on the American River last Saturday. 
David later described it as one of his best days ever. We both felt that way actually. It is on par with the day we left Abby with a babysitter and the rest of us went skiing together. It is a great feeling to have your whole family together enjoying an activity! This one was perfect for our family. Everyone loved it. I guess it was a little glimpse into what families are SUPPOSED to be like! (As opposed to the usual complaining and bickering that we usually have!)
 David and Abby steer the boat from the back.

We took this trip with our good friends, the Christensen's. Ben and his friend Matthew managed their own craft. They did a beautiful job. Here they are navigating one of the easy rapids. Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph the good stuff because Dave was afraid the camera would fall into the river.

The Christensen's on their raft.

Emily and Josh getting ready to jump in. It was hot outside, but the water cooled you off pretty sharpish. It was freezing cold!

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