Sunday, June 09, 2013

Here are some updates at the end of the school year. It has been a great year for the kids. They all loved their teachers and learned a lot.

Ben had Mr. Krummes this year.

They had a really fun year. All of the kids did country reports, then had a big international feast. There was so much delicious food! The kids did a great job!

 I was able to teach art classes to Ben's class. Here are a couple of the projects we did.
Picasso faces:

Word canvases

 Cooper does a promotion ceremony for the 6th graders. It was a really fun day for Ben.

 Here is Emily with Mrs. Schultz. I couldn't think of a better possible teacher for Emily.

Josh had Ms. Edwards for both kindergarten and 1st grade. She is an excellent teacher. We will miss her next year!

Just before the end of the year, we had a surprise visit from Aunt Kathryn, Joey, Rue, and James. Abby and Joey became best buddies. Here they are making lemonade.
Joey and Abby

 The cousins at Muir Woods.
 Muir Woods was beautiful but crowded.
 The Hoopes family in a big tree.
 Vacaville's annual Memorial Day Parade. We left after an hour and a half. Some people sitting next to us said it was about half over at that point! :)

 Abby's silly face for the camera.
 Joshua's silly face.
 The boys both tested and passed their next belt levels. We ordered sparring gear for them to take their next step in their training.

So now you have it... our lives are very busy, but not particularly exciting. I kind of like it that way! :)

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