Sunday, September 09, 2007


I don't have any pictures of my family this week, because we lost the cord to upload pictures from our camera. This bird will have to do.

I want to start this note out with a story about my friend Shalauna. She is the wife of Brady, and is the mother of twins Cate and Cal. For Cate and Cal's birthday one year, Brady came home with a rabbit in a cage. I remember thinking it was a cute rabbit, but was glad that MY husband would never surprise me like that. Well, Brady, Dave just gave you a run for your money!

Let me back up and tell about my weekend. Deseret Book did a Time Out For Women in Indianapolis on Saturday. Benjamin and I drove over on Friday night and stayed with the Pugsleys. Saturday, Benjamin played with his old friend Riley, while Becky and I went to the conference. It was a great day. I loved seeing old friends again! Just seeing familiar faces made me feel so good! I was on the verge of happy tears all day. The speakers were good, too. After the conference, Benjamin and I packed up and headed back to Ohio. We had a great drive listening to "Double Fudge," a somewhat newer Judy Blume book (at least I assume it is newer, because I haven't read it, and she references Harry Potter). We arrived home, and Joshua came running out yelling "Yea! Mommy! Yea! Mommy!" which pretty much fills my heart with joy and is the best reason to be a mother. I walked into the house feeling good, and saw a bird on my kitchen counter. This was somewhat surprising, especially when I found a cage and another bird. (There were roses, too, but that hardly makes up for anything.)

I wondered which neighbor had asked us to watch their birds already. But, no. My husband has spent the day on Craig's List and found a pair of lovebirds to bring home as our new pets. He said he wanted to SURPRISE me! Now let me state for anyone who doesn't know this about me. I am not much into pets. Animals are fine, but not really in my house. Where I sleep, and make food, and try to stay clean. I'm just not a pet person. I have 3 children. Doesn't that count? David knows this about me. I'm not sure what he was thinking. The thing is that he's not a sneaky man. That just isn't his nature. He must have honestly believed that I was just too lazy to get a pet of my own, and that I would be happy to see one, just waiting for me to take care of, on my kitchen counter. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Now let me tell you about these birds. One of them, Bonnie, looks like the picture. She is very pretty. The other one is even prettier, with bright green and orange feathers. His name is Clyde. Now for the clincher. Clyde has a nervous disorder. Apparently he needs an avian psychiatrist. When he is stressed, which is all the time, he plucks out his beautiful green feathers on his back and chest. Have you ever seen a plucked chicken? That's what he looks like around his neck. He has a beautiful head and tail, with a mutant middle. It's really disgusting to look at. And yet, one has to feel sorry for the bird. I don't know how long lovebirds last. These 2 are 8 years old. If anyone knows, feel free to respond. What kind of sentence am I in for? Of course, the kids love them! They hop around the house and land on our heads and slit paper into nesting material, and poop on the floor/counter/whatever. Dave thinks I just have to get used to having animals around the house. I'm not sure that will ever happen.

So, we have pet birds. As my mom pointed out, at least he didn't bring home a goat!


Jeff said...

I think David was merely trying to spare you the shame of being democratically overturned. He could have had a fair and free vote, had all members of the household vote for or against the birds, and the tally would have been 4-1, in favor of the birds. He merely wanted you to feel like viable part of the democratic process, and not as someone whose vote does not count because of views out of line with the majorities desires. Thank him, and befriend your avian allies.

Stacey said...

Think of it this way, Megan - you will no longer have to deal with all the pesky little worms that sneak out from under your floorboards in the night and have parties in your kitchen while you are sleeping. The birds may have their own parties, true, but at least they will fix your worm problem.

Oh - what? You don't HAVE a worm problem? Well now you for sure won't. :)

I know, I know. I'm not near as funny as Jeff. Sigh.

Mason and Erika said...

Oh my goodness! NOOOOO! That is my worst fear (Well, maybe dogs is worse, if we're being specific). I have nothing but immense sympathy for you. I hope the birds die soon :)

Mason and Erika said...

Oh, and I checked, they live 10 to 15 years, so let's just hope the manic one goes earlier! Let's just hope they don't have babies :)

PB & J said...

That is hilarious! You know I'm totally on your side about the pet thing. Wow. Why not get a house cat too to "play" with the birds? Survival of the fittest. Maybe there will be an "accident"? :)
I cannot tell you how happy I was to see you on Saturday. It made my day. Until next time which hopefully will be soon.
**this is Jessica by the way. I had to set up a google account to leave this comment. If I ever get a blog someday I'm going to call it "PB & J" for Peter Bischoff and Jessica.

Steffie said...
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Steffie said...

Sorry. *Jerry here! When I was a kid we had a bird named Sundance (a yellow parakeet who actually fell behind a wall at which point they cut a hole in the wall to get the bird out). We love the names Bonnie and Clyde! I guess outlaws make good names for birds. With the Love Birds living 15 or more years, the kids may be able to take them to college for the birds' last days. Hang in there!

The Wyler Family said...

That's hilarious. Maybe we could arrange a pet play date and Simon could take care of them for you. :) It was so good to see you at Time Out for Women.