Sunday, November 25, 2007


We went to the Dawson's for Thanksgiving dinner this year. They have a variety of pets that we are going to model for you in the next pictures.

Benjamin with the corn snake (a constrictor)

Emily with Angelita (a tarantula)
Emily really loved these animals. She held them for the longest, and kept begging for more.

Joshua with a spider for a hat.

And finally, me with the snake, tarantula, and rabbit. The rabbit I enjoyed holding. He is very soft. The snake I could tolerate, although it was a stretch. The spider was way over the top. I am smiling in this picture, but I am also hyperventilating. Even Dave admitted that the spider made him feel a little nervous.


Jerry and Stef said...

I thought for a second that Dave got a few new surprises for Megan. I'm not sure I would have let the spider anywhere near me, but now that I've seen Joshua wearing it as a hat I feel like a real pansy. Take care.

Jerry Sarver

Myrna said...

Pretty scary stuff. I am amazed that Emily likes to hold them. Reminds me of when we moved to AZ and I met those big spiders for the first time. It took months before I would let the kids touch them. But they ended up carrying them around all the time. I never did touch one. So Megan is braver than I am.

Joseph R said...

When the kids start to itch on their legs and other areas you know the tarantulas are nesting in the underpants drawers and shedding. 99 out of 100 tarantulas are non poisonous. Love that brave Emily.

PB & J said...

DANG Megan! You are SOOOO brave. I've always been envious of your toughness.