Friday, December 14, 2007

Being a Mother

Snow day! Benjamin was so happy to have a day off of school! He played and played in the snow. Here is his first snowman. He made a whole family of them!
Emily liked making snow angels. It looks cold to me, but she thought it was worth it!
Emily and Joshua under the tree. Joshua looks innocent, but he has been unwrapping at least one present a day. You'd think his mom would wise up and MOVE the presents. But, no harm done. He mostly just unwraps a jack in the box over and over. It's for him, anyway.

Some comments about my children.

Since I am, afterall, first and foremost, a mother, I am going to take a minute here and tell a little bit about my kids. Here is a funny quote from Emily.

Megan (in a big hurry): Emily, you can't go out in those shoes. You look like poor white trash.

Emily (indignant): I'm not white trash! ..... I'm PINK trash.

Does this translate well? It was really funny when she said it!

Also of note, Benjamin's art work can be seen online, now. The website is
He got his 150 patch for reading that many books last month. His goal this month is to earn both 200 and 250. This is a big goal for him. Wish us luck!

Joshua is potty training. I have this glimmer of hope that there will come a day in my life that I won't have a child in diapers. It has been an expensive 6 years.


Jos and Kath said...

We know. It's a VERY tough competition (with the favorite Aunt/Uncle gig thing...) We figure the competition is tough- between you and Anna-Lisa... (and we have no idea how John's sister works in the mix)

I'm glad we get to see you all soon!! I have a present for you from Sara... so don't BUY ANYTHING until we bring it okay?? (it's for the kids). Much love,
The Joseph E. Family. :)

Joseph said...

it's good to see benjamin reading so many books, i must say you better watch him... i remember in 5th grade that our teacher mr. bona took the top three book readers in the class to chuck e cheeses pizza. all we had to do was submit a small report giving a summary of the book. i'm not sure about the details but somehow i was in that group that went, i don't remember reading very many books though. i'm not really sure why i was so excited to go, i didn't even like pizza back then!!