Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring has Arrived!

We're jumping for joy! Spring is finally here, and the weather is, well, spring-like. We have cold days, rainy days, and the best of all, warm, sunny days! I actually like rainy days (like today), because I don't feel like I have to work in the yard, and can actually catch up on things like organizing closets and updating our blog.

Here is our house with the beautiful blossoms that I love. We also captured a bee, doing his job, as well as Benjamin, pretending to be a bee.

Emily finished her third session of gymnastics. She enjoyed the workout each week, but mostly liked wearing the fancy gymnastics outfits! She learned a lot.

Benjamin started spring soccer on the black dragons team. He loves to run after that ball! Emily was disappointed to learn that she cannot start until the fall. She was looking forward to the snacks!

Benjamin got a much needed haircut, but the interesting thing about this photo is that you can actually see the hair being cut and flying through the air. At least you can in our original one. Dave bought himself a new camera, and we are all the subjects of his new hobby.

The first week of may we went to Indiana so I could run the Mini. We stayed with some old friends, the Pitchers. The kids had a great time! Here are Bethany and Emily, soon after waking up. They hadn't been up for long, but it looks like Emily has already found a princess dress to wear!

Here are Joshua and Jared.

Benjamin and Joey are exploring the world of webkins.
It was nice to be back and Indy and see so many old friends. Thanks for your hospitality!Benjamin's first grade class incubated chicken eggs for 21 days. The day after Ben's birthday, they hatched! Emily and I went in to visit the new arrivals. They were so cute! I almost wanted to take one home!


staceylea said...

Hooray for spring!

I have a sad story about little chicks. In Kindergarten we incubated some eggs and then they hatched (I think we just had a few, I only remember there being 3). There were some fuzzy yellow ones and then one browner one. The brown one got sick and he died one night. It was very, very sad. Those sure are cute kids and cute chicks. :)

Anna-Lisa said...

Is that your house?! It's beautiful! The trees are fantastic and everything looks like spring. Lot's of yard to take care of though!

ERIK & TANYA said...

You guys have been busy! I'm glad you took a picture of your house; I've always wondered where you live. It's gorgeous!!!! Great job on the birthday cake/party. Looks like it was quite a hit!

P.S. I would have wanted to take one of the little chicks home too.

The Wyler Family said...

It's so fun to see all the pictures and hear your updates. I really enjoyed seeing you guys. Your house is beautiful! I love those trees!