Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emily joins the Radio City Rockettes!

Today, Emily and I went to tea with the Rockettes. They are in town to do their Holiday show, and had a meet and greet with military wives and their daughters. David put our names in, and we were selected to go! We had a great time. We had our pictures taken with the beautiful dancers, ate lunch together, and talked with them about their exciting careers! They gave Emily a Christmas ornament that they all signed, as well. She was in love with the whole thing. She was able to get in line with the girls, and tried some high kicks. I think she has some real potential!

Here are Emily and I posing with the Rockettes!

The Rockettes, combined with our first snow, and the fact that one of the radio stations has already started playing non-stop Christmas songs, has really put us in the mood for Christmas. Or, as Josh says, "It is snowing to get ready for Santa!"


stacey said...

How fun! It's one of my goals to go see the Radio City Christmas Show when I have boatloads of money..haha. :) You've got some cute kids; thanks for the updates!

Anna-Lisa said...

Boy, when you said you put new things on your blog you really meant it! I've been checking everyday since Halloween for some Halloween pics so I was pleasantly surprised today! The Rockettes look so pretty, how fun!

By the way, you look so pretty in the one picture you put of yourself on the blog! Also, I think you can take some credit for Joshua's curly hair. You did have curly hair yourself you know.

The Wyler Family said...

fun updates! you guys look great. looks like you're having a great time!