Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Dinner at our House!

We think our kids are great, but trying new foods is not their best thing! Here you see them in their prime!


Anna-Lisa said...

That was quite funny - Emily's reaction to the flounder is mine with pretty much all foods! I remember won time I lost a game and had to eat a pickle. NASTY! Benjamin made a great deal - I'd take two bran muffins over flounder any day! YUMMY!

Kathryn said...

ohhh... this makes me miss the HOOPES' SO MUCH!!! AdOrAbLe!!!!!!!! :)

Nice work Emily on choking it down! Good form. :)

Rick said...

Very cute video - we were rolling. It is so much like our house. For the most part except for pizza there is nothing everyone in our family likes - well maybe chocolate.
impressive that you got Emily to swallow.