Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break

We took a couple of days this spring break to check out the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. We have wanted to visit this area for a couple of years, and decided this was the week. It wasn't quite in season yet, and you can see from our clothes that it was a little chilly still. The plus side was that there were very few other visitors. We had the place to ourselves.

Here is our one picture of the whole family. We are on top of "Natural Arch," looking out over a valley.

This is the cabin we stayed in. It is called Sundance. It had a hottub and a sattelite dish! We watched iCarly!

Everyone loved climbing on the cool rock formations.

Abby wasn't quite as adventurous in her climbing, but she still had fun exploring.

At the Angels Windows we found a geocashe treasure. Here is Abby with the M&M's she found in the geocashe box. She was pretty excited to do the next hike, and then disappointed when there were no more treats.

Dave carried Abby whenever she would let him. She is getting too big for the backpack, though. This might have been her last hike she gets carried on! Too sad.

Here is the bottom of Natural Arch. It was a very pretty arch, and I was glad we were there in early spring so we could see things before the leaves came out. There were lots of flowering trees in bloom, but no leaves yet.

Emily wanted her picture taken every couple of minutes! You can see from her attire that it was a little bit brisk.

Joshua on a swinging bridge across a lake.

Hiking out to the Angels Windows

Ben with an arch behind him. It is hard to tell that it is an arch in the picture, but it is. It has a stream running through it. Very pretty.

A waterfall on the stream that cut the arch above.

Dave and Abby on one side of the stream. We all crossed the stream to get down to the waterfall. It was really slick, and Dave took a pretty bad fall. Abby was fine, but the camera was broken, and Dave's elbow still hurts 2 weeks later!

We had a really fun trip.


The Wyler Family said...

what a gorgeous place! looks like a great trip!

ETCK said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Tom and Kari Lane said...

I love your winter pics of the kids. Your a great photographer. When are we going to see you guys again?

The Horn Family said...

Wow! I had no idea how cool that park was. We usually go to the Smoky Mountains every year and hike. We'll have to add this to the list to check out.