Sunday, May 15, 2011

Via Ferrata

For David's birthday this year I gave him an overnight date. We drove down to Lexington, KY and spent the night at the Hilton (very posh). Saturday morning we drove over to Red River Gorge to climb on the Via Ferrata. It is a climbing adventure that is totally safe. We were clipped in the entire time, and there were rebar hand and footholds. Perfect for me! Here I am at the beginning.

David taking a rest.

I stopped after the first 3 sections, but David finished the entire course. The guides down at the bottom were impressed with his first attempt. No one else came even close to finishing while we were there.

This is what the course looks like from below. It is in a "holler" which is Kentucky speak for a "large ampitheater-shaped gorge."

Here is the scout troop behind us. The guides thoughtfully put us in front of them all! We were grateful, because it took them awhile. We were the only non-scouts there. Of course, it was raining, as you can probably tell.
We had a really fun time and look forward to climbing again.


Anna-Lisa said...

Cool! That looks like a ton of fun - Megan I am impressed that you did it because I know you don't like cliffs very much. Good job!

Anonymous said...

It is so fun to keep up with you by your blog. You have a darling family and you take great photos. I love the b&w ones of the kids. Thanks for sharing.

xoxo A. Ranae

Anonymous said...

kisses from Italy...