Sunday, October 07, 2007

The bike ride

My running/biking friend, Jessica drove over from Indianapolis on Saturday. We had a great afternoon. We listened to the first session of General conference, then took off on a 40 mile bike ride. This is no big deal for Jessica, but took an act of courage on my part, since I haven't ridden a bike in months. But, we had a great ride, and the conversation was so interesting that I hardly noticed the distance.

The reward: dinner at Abuelo's.

Thanks for coming, Jessica!


PB & J said...

Courageous Megan, you did great! I was tired too, probably couldn't have made it without the good conversation and the Gatorade stop. So fun to exercise with you again...just like old times. :)
Let's do it again in the spring, however with this 90 degree weather we're having, I might be back. ;)

Mason and Erika said...

so fun! i love that you still live that close megan!

Stacey said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there to serve as your pit stop provider. That was probably my favorite experience on the AZ trip when you, Kristin and I were able to fill up all the boys' camelbaks. Glad you are able to be riding in the fall...I'm not a rider but even if I was it's getting pretty cold here.