Sunday, October 07, 2007


David has wanted to take Benjamin backpacking for a couple of months, so this Friday, they packed up and went. They drove down after work, and hiked in in the dark (typical Hoopes family trip). Emily, Joshua, and I stayed home and watched Barbie Island Princess and ate cookies. About halfway through the movie, I got a phone call from David just to let me know that they were pretty much lost. Benjamin was a little upset after walking for over an hour and not arriving at camp. They finally set up their tent just off the trail, and had a good night.

Benjamin at their "campsite," finally!

Benjamin loves this picture of himself with this "pretty fungus."

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Myrna said...

Very cute pictures this week. I look forward to when you post. I am glad you got some company, we look forward to seeing where you live, probably this spring.