Sunday, June 22, 2008

A week in paradise (AKA The Virgin Islands)

Dave and I left our kids with my parents and spent a week in the Virgin Islands. Dave's sister, Kristin has lived there for the last year, and we decided it was time for a visit. We had a great week: spent mostly on the beach and in the water. We visited 5 different islands, all of them beautiful. St John was probably my favorite. Click on the slideshow to see a few pictures.


Myrna said...

Love the pictures, we are excited for our turn to come up.

staceylea said...

Ditto to what Myrna wrote, except I don't know when our turn will be! Glad you had fun!! You guys look great, by the way.

The Wyler Family said...

wow! what a beautiful place!

Jerry and Stef said...

Oh, it's so beautiful! Those are some great pictures. Isn't it great when relatives live in exotic and adventurous places?

"What's that? Your moving to Hawaii? Our summer vacation destination just came to me. Hawaii here we come!"

That's just an example. I wish I had a relative in Hawaii! : )

I'm glad you guys had a great time!

B-Daddy said...

St. John is the best! We love it there. That is so fun that you got to go. We went there for our Honeymoon. You just don't find water like that anywhere else. Glad to see you guys are still adventurous.

-Bradley Tew