Monday, September 08, 2008

Summer 2008

Summer went by so quickly this year! We had a great time travelling, seeing family, and even staying at home. Here are a few of the highlight of our summer.

Shortly after school ended, my parents came out to Ohio for Joseph's graduation from Ohio State. Sarah and John came with their 2 kids, as well. It was so fun to have them all here! Here are Joseph and Kathryn. Doesn't Dr. Osmond look dashing in his doctoral robes?

After graduation, we got down to the real fun, and headed north to Cedar Point amusement park, and Great Wolf Lodge water park. It was a great trip. The kids thought it was the greatest place on earth (they've never been to Disneyland), and were perfectly happy to stay in Snoopyland the whole day. The grown ups took turns watching them run from ride to ride, but we all got some big roller coaster time in.

Mom and Sarah at Cedar Point.

My kids with their grandparents at Ohio State University.

In July, Chick-Fil-A hosted cow appreciation day. Our whole family (including Dave. who took this picture) dressed up like Holsteins to get a free meal. The whole meal! It was great. Our whole restaurant was filled with cow look a likes. My sister did it in DC, and they were lonely cows. The kids thought it was as fun as Halloween.

Wright-Patterson AFB sponsored a "tattoo" for the 4th of July this year. There was music, a fireworks show, and an air show. My favorite plane was the B2 Spirit, Ben really loved the F22 Raptor. Here we all are at the show.

Benjamin played softball in June and July. He really liked playing, and we liked cheering him on.

Benjamin and Emily took swimming lessons in July with their friends Nathan and Liliana. They really learned a lot. I am impressed with their swimming ability.

The Dorwood Optimist Club sponsors "Kindergarten Safety Village" each summer. Emily spent a week there this year, and learned all about fire, water, and school bus safety. Here she is posing at her graduation with the fire dog. She loved her class!

Benjamin has decided that he wants to be a fighter pilot when he grows up. Here he is trying out the cockpit of an F16. He looks pretty good in it, I think!
Whenever it was Ben's turn to pick the activity this summer, he picked either the Air Force museum (filled with planes), or the Wright Brothers Memorial (with a flight simulator).

One of my favorite places we visited in Dayton was the Cox Arboretum. There was a butterfly house, and more gardens than you can imagine. It was absolutely beautiful! Joshua is pointing out one of the butterflies.

We also visited the Wegerzyn garden with another family. They have a great children's garden with plenty of water for the kids to play in. The kids were able to water the plants (see Emily below), as well as taste and feel them. It was a really fun place!

Next on our summer agenda comes 2 birthdays in a row! First Emily turned 5 on July 30th.
Here she is with her cake.

Not surprisingly, Emily wanted a "pink" birthday party. We ate pink food, drank pink juice, and made pink crafts. It was a great time. The girls even made their own ice cream!

The guests all came in their pretty party dresses. They looked darling, I must say!

The next day, July 31st, Joshua turned 3. He's still my baby, though! Here he is with his "Thomas" birthday cake. We went swimming for his birthday, which all the kids love.

He opened his presents after we went to the kid's favorite restaurant for dinner: Abuelos. Joshua got just what he wanted: trains and more trains. Perfect!


ERIK and TANYA said...

Love the cow costumes! Looks like you had a fun summer.

Anna-Lisa said...

Megan, you updated your blog! Hizah, I liked seeing all the pictures.

Jeff said...

Wow. Amazing how much you can fit in a summer.

Joseph said...

man your kids have expensive taste in restaurants! i was always happy with mcdonalds

Tricia said...

Good to hear from you! Sound like a fun summer. Are you coming to Indy again anytime soon?

Kath said...

U guys are adorable!!! Talk about fun cow costumes!! haha!! And I loved all the pictures of the nieces/nephews!!!! Wish we could play too!!