Friday, February 06, 2009

Clean sink

Benjamin called me up to his bathroom the other day, very excited. There was a plant growing out of the bottom drain! We had noticed that the drain was running a little slowly, and I added ZEP to my mental list (a totally useless list). So, now we have vegetation coming up. How did it get there? Our pet hamster planted it for us. He lives in the bathroom at night, and throws his seeds into the sink. (And all over the rest of the room, he's not a very tidy eater, but still very cute.) We left the sprout for a while, but it didn't seem to be doing very well, so I pulled it out.

Here is a picture of our cute Zander.

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stacey said...

There was another one when we were there for Thanksgiving! Jeff pulled it out and then told me about it later when I asked why there was a sprout in the sink (he had just broken it off but it hadn't been thrown out). I never considered that Zander did it. The little rascal...who knew he had a green thumb? See you soon!!