Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wallpaper borders

Wallpaper borders are something to think seriously about. Before you put one up, even a really cute one, consider whether you will EVER move away from your house and want to sell it. We loved a house here in Beavercreek, but didn't buy it because there was too much wallpaper to remove.

We have a very cute border in Joshua's room that was there when we moved in. It was great for Josh, but now we are moving the new baby into his room and Josh is going to bunk with Ben. So, the sports border has to come down. I have spent 2 hours scraping at the ceiling, and have sore fingers and arms, and am about a quarter of the way through. It is going to take longer than painting the room!

So, really think about it.

By the way, I painted the room the most cheerful yellow color you can imagine. Yellow is definitely my favorite color. Such a happy room!


Tess said...

Thanks for the advice Megan! Keep it coming my way!

Anna-Lisa said...

I know! We have wallpaper EVERYWHERE! And the lady who lived here before us decided not to remove the wallpaper. She just painted over it instead...what a pain!

stacey said...

Yellow is definitely the happiest color. My old room at my parents' house is yellow. I'd love to paint in our house here but we'd have to repaint it upon moving out and for some reason that just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I'll do a wall or two.

The Wyler Family said...

hey, i want to see the yellow. that's the color i'm considering for our baby's room. post a picture! :)

The Wyler Family said...

by the way, i just saw your little name vote. i love, love, love the name lucy. i have a niece named lucy or i would totally use it. we're 99% sure our little one will be hannah. fun, fun.

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