Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School

Here are Ben and Em on their first day of school. Ben is in 4th grade with Mrs Parker. Emily is in 2nd grade with Mrs Mosley. We were all excited about their new teachers. They seem really nice, and this is going to be a great year!

Isn't Emily's hair cute? We cut off about 5 inches.
She looks so much older, and she is excited to be able to do her own hair.
Note the Twinkle Toes...

Hopefully Ben is just tired of taking pictures!

A closer up look at Emily and Abby's shoes. They picked out the sparkliest pairs they could find. Abby walks around like the Queen of Everything in these things. She LOVES them. They are growing on me.


Tess said...

Great updates! That trip to Michigan looks like a blast! I loooove Emily's hair, and her glitter toes. :) The kids are growing up too too fast. Little Abby is the the queen of everything! She gets the royal treatment from all her adoring siblings! Love you guys!

Jer n' Stef said...

Kaitlin picked out a pair of twinkle toes too. She wore them for her orientation day. When she would step hard and all the lights would go off she said kids would point and laugh. Needless to say she has determind they are fun for non-school days.

These kids are growing up way too fast! I hope all your kiddos have a wonderful school year!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are darling and we look forward to seeing you sometime in Utah this year???
Love A. Ranae

Anna-Lisa said...

Best hair cuts EVER! Both Emily and Ben look so cool!