Friday, August 27, 2010

July Birthdays

We celebrated 2 birthdays in July. Emily turned 7 and Joshua turned 5.
Here is a shot of Emily and her friends at her mermaid party.

Joshua had a joint party with his friend Reid. They chose a bug themed party. The kids had a great time playing "Pass the Parcel" and "Fly Swatter Tag." The best part of Joshua's party was all of the adult help there! Not only 2 sets of parents, but some older siblings helped too. Benjamin even pitched in and ran the fly swatter tag with Brock...they did it all on their own!

Abby had fun at the party with her cousin Rebecca.

For the actual birthdays, we started with a celebration breakfast at Krispy Kreme.

Then, on to Build a Bear, where the kids made their own stuffed animals.
Josh made a wolf and Emily chose a cat.

Here they are with their new friends.

Joshua's pet frog that the kids caught. We let him go after a week of observation.

I forgot to post the picture of Josh on his last day of school last June.
The kids all make tie-dye tee shirts. They looked so cute all together in their shirts!

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