Monday, August 06, 2012

Oregon vacation part 2

 Playing on the coast. The lighthouse near Reedsport

 All the kids were buried in the sand at the sand dunes.

 They also liked to run and jump down the hills

The next day we headed for Cottage Grove. Dave and some of his old friends did an Olympic triathlon. Dave came in 2nd in his age group! Way to go, David!!! Here he is coming out of the water.
 Transitioning to the bike
 Ryan coming out of the water...waving to his family (note that Dave didn't ever realize we were at the event!)
 Ryan on the bike
 Dave at the finish line
 Here is a little story from the race. We missed Dave's transition from bike to run. I was standing with the kids at the lines looking for him when a perfect stranger said that I must be looking for David Hoopes. When I confirmed that she said she could tell because my kids looked just like he did when he was a boy! Wow! I would love to live in a small town like that! And, then she told me that I had missed Dave. Oops.

The group from high school that did the race. 

Here are the patient spectators. Watching a race is so exciting! The kids loved being there. Mostly because they had friends to hang out with. Our kids absolutely LOVED being with the Giffords. They thought they were best friends even though we were only there for 2 days! Gotta love kindred spirits!

Finally, we went to moon falls. Can you believe all this beauty within 40 minutes of home? Oregon was a beautiful place. We can't wait to go back! 

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Kathryn said...


Oregon looks/sounds like it was so much fun and I'm not kidding I'm just blown away at your cool birthday parties!!!

Popcorn cupcakes?! And what a rockin' birthday party. Science parties seem like they will be quickly become the new trend. <3.