Monday, August 06, 2012

Oregon "Vacation"

Well, I guess I'll start with the car. It broke down about an hour from home. We coasted into a service station where they pronounced a death sentence on our trusty vehicle (this was the third time this year we had to tow it, by the way)

 The orange rental van we picked up in Redding. It came with a roof rack, so we could continue our trip. Although the bike had to move into the car with us.
 Buying a new Odyssey in Eugene. Justin, our sales associate was really nice. Here is Dave shaking on the deal.
 Here she is, in all her beauty. Oh, by the way, I looked on google earth this morning, and saw a street shot of our house, and this van is in the driveway! I guess they update those pictures fairly often (we've only had it for a week!)
We camped 3 nights at Loon Lake, a place Dave enjoyed as a boy. Ben the boy scout started our fire.
 Josh made a fishing pole out of a stick and some line and caught a bunch of little fish. He wanted to spend the whole time fishing. He loved it!
 Emily and Abby made a fort.
We rented a ski boat on Loon Lake.
 We tubed and skied. Well, technically David was the only one who skied, but Ben, Emily, and I did a lot of trying. Remember Bear Lake, Dad? Well I haven't really improved in my skiing skills. David was impressed by how quickly I could get my skis on in the water...I told him I had a lot of practice! We didn't get a picture of David skiing because I was driving the boat, but he slalom skied and looked great out there!

 Abby driving the boat (Dave is still peeling from that burn, by the way)
 Josh driving the boat
 Emily driving the boat
Ben driving the boat
 Cute kids having fun on the boat. 

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